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Books by Paul Ogden

Secrets From My Silent Eden
Secrets from My Silent Eden
is the inspirational story of Paul Ogden, Professor Emeritus, Deaf Studies/Deaf Education Programs at California State University, Fresno, who discovers that communication is the key to transforming relationships with family, friends, and God. His fifteen communication secrets will also lead you to an abundant life and a thriving faith. 

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The Silent Garden by Paul Ogden
The Silent Garden provides parents of deaf children with crucial information on the greater possibilities afforded their children today. Deaf since birth, Paul Ogden, a professor of Deaf Studies, offers parents a firm foundation for making the difficult decisions necessary to begin their child on the road to realizing his or her full potential. This encouraging book first helps parents to address critical concerns right away, such as how to communicate with their child. It then guides parents on issues such as what type of school their child can attend, what kinds of professional help are beneficial to the family, and what technological alternatives are available. Case studies and interviews with parents of deaf children help to reassure parents that they can prepare their child for a full, productive life.

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El Jardin Silencioso

This Spanish translation of the first five chapters of The Silent Garden brings the benefit of this classic book to a new group of parents. This one-of-a-kind edition provides guidance to Spanish speaking parents seeking to navigate the uncharted territory of their new experience. These chapters emphasize the foundational themes that for a successful life experience deaf children need a positive experience with their families and that the central issue to deafness is communication instead of hearing loss.

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Chelsea - The Story of a Signal Dog

Paul Ogden, a deaf college professor, and his wife Anne, who is hard of hearing, discovered their "ears" in Chelsea, a beautiful, gentle Belgian sheepdog. Instead of herding sheep, like her ancestors, Chelsea works as a signal dog, helping the Ogdens live as normally as possible. She "tells" them if someone is at the door or on the phone, and wakes them when the alarm has gone off. She even reacts to the sound of strange voices and unusual noises. "A warm and witty book . . . Chelsea's tale is a delightful read. . . . That feeling of love and devotion -- the Ogdens for Chelsea and she for them -- comes through on every page of Paul Ogden's book." -- The Baltimore Sun

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