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Reviews of Silent Eden


Wise, thoughtful, helpful, entertaining, winning, Paul becomes a friend through these pages, showing how faith has helped him in the thick and thin of life and how it can make a difference for you.

Rick Hamlin, executive editor of Guideposts magazine and author of 10 Prayers You Can’t Live Without.

This book immerses the reader in the challenges and triumphs of life as well as the importance of communication, laughter, and meditation. Confusion and misunderstandings occur because of people’s lack of knowledge, understanding and sensitivity about deaf people’s abilities. Patience and clear communication are the fundamentals in all types of relationships.

T. Alan Hurwitz and Vicki T. Hurwitz, President and First Lady, Gallaudet University

Paul Ogden shares his rich and deep spiritual journey and in the process teaches new insights about how powerful communication is in our daily lives. This book captures new insights about the depth of our communication with each other and the potential for enriching our lives if we only take the time to reflect on how we communicate with each other.

John D. Welty, President Emeritus, California State University, Fresno

Paul Ogden writes seamlessly about his personal and family experiences and anchors them to his present relationship with God. He encourages us to reconsider our prayer life and shows how a connection with God can bring peace to anyone. Secrets from My Silent Eden sweeps readers along Paul’s amazing journey, from a time of never depending on God to being unable to imagine life without Him.

Marla Hatrak

There is not a person I know who doesn’t need a better understanding of communication. It makes or breaks relationships and determines one’s success in life. Paul Ogden’s “Secrets from my Silent Eden” is a book that can help us. Ogden, through his personal story, gently whispers to the reader “secrets” of communication that if embraced could make a difference from this day forward. This book is not a list of quick fix ideas, but lessons learned and deeply felt through faith, failure, and real life experience.

Paul Ogden has been a teacher for years and inspired many in the classroom, and that continues in this book. For me, as an introvert, Ogden makes me want to go out and have more conversations! He inspires me to want to communicate better with those who matter in my life and those who I am yet to meet. I am grateful I made the time to read this book, but I believe my husband and my friends are going to be even more so!

I am quick to admit, I do not understand Ogden’s world of what it means to be “deaf.” But not long into the book, I
knew that was irrelevant. The fact is, he understands me. His heart for others, the unexpected fascinating stories, the raw admissions of doubt and disappointment…all of it weaved together made for a compelling read that mattered - to me. Sure, I knew his life story by the end; but more importantly I understood my own a little bit better.

Kimberly MacNeill, Inspirational Speaker and writer (
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